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What frustrates the candidates?

When Hernan (CEO) told me that b4work was a job search app, we knew that at the time it couldn't be just another job app. Surely there was something that could make it unique. A value that we hadn't commented on. We really had great players in the market and big investments so the first thing I thought was that we should leave the office and start talking to the candidates.

What did the candidates expect?

Why would they have another app with the same offers as the apps of the other players in the market?

What could make us different?

Research methodology

  • Focus groups with Candidates and recruiters

  • In-depth interviews

  • Creation of personas

  • Insight analysis and synthesis. Pattern search.

Some insights

At the beginning we knew that what the candidates were looking for when downloading the app was employment. We knew, it was too obvious. But after empathizing, we realized what frustrated the candidate the most.

  • The job search has a very emotional connotation

  • The candidate expects a bad or good answer, but the wait

  • The candidate signs up for a multitude of offers and completely loses track of them.

Some of the results

We created an app with new functionalities that allowed the candidate to keep track of their applications.

An app, connected to different job portals and recruitment software, with an infrastructure that would allow ATS to connect to b4work.

Now b4work is able to know the status changes of the candidates to inform the candidates.

There is a lot of work to be done, but now we can say that the path it has taken is a path that improves the candidate's experience.

We have managed to include b4work among the 10 most downloaded apps in the market among the most reputable employment apps.