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The cemetery is full of ideas that nobody wants 

It is true that this phrase can be deadly, but whenever I have a chance I throw it. On this occasion, the problem was not to generate ideas in a Design Thinking. Here the problem is to believe that you know the problems of the users and when this happens in an organization without having launched any qualitative research, the problem is that your idea can become a product that nobody is asking for.

It's time to generate a new business model. So I set to work on creating new Business Model Canvas to validate as quickly as possible the ideas Stakeholders had about the revolutionary product of the year.

In 4 months we have managed to invalidate 4 different ideas.

We have been able to research more than 25 companies.

We have interviewed 30 users in depth and these are some of the things I have learned.

  • Run! Run! You have to go fast. But not bad. Going fast means that you must have enough knowledge about what you do that you don't hesitate to face a challenge like this. So you'd better

  • Recruiting into a B2B is painful. So be quick and tactical. Try to contact as many users as possible through your contacts. Don't require an agency if you don't have enough money.

  • The Lean method is raw. But you must be rigorous in your research and your results. It's not worth "believing" something if you haven't validated it. Everything you believe is always a hypothesis that you must validate. If not, your conclusions will be knocked down.

After this work it is left to generate MVP's that can demonstrate that the indications of the research gives its fruits.

We have created a Concierge and launched several fake doors to segmented audiences. We are learning and simulating a product. We are closer to offering a value that the user needs, than to offering an idea that nobody wants.