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Hey! the creative confidence…

We made a huge effort to find the biggest challenges our company had to define its place in the market. We had to stop and find the real insight of the company and we did a huge job. Now we had the insight but needed to come up with ideas.

I'm one of those who thinks ideas can come from anyone on the team or from your own users. So I had the opportunity to facilitate creative sessions for two days with team members to solve the biggest problems of our users and find great epics for the roadmap.

Creative sessions.

  • Create multidisciplinary teams

  • Finding a suitable place where creativity can emerge

  • Brainstorming such as co-design sessions, SCAMPER or generating ideas with Thinkpak (Michael Michalko)

Well, what did we learn from this?

Obviously, in my work, I create creative sessions to generate a lot of ideas, but I like to mention these sessions, because it helped to improve the relationship between the user experience department and the rest of the company.

  • We got the team members involved like never before.

  • We improved the relationship between developers, product and sales.

  • We will evangelize about our work within a company that still did not know what we were doing at UX.

  • The most important thing was that we generated a lot of ideas that we now had to validate. A treasure.

The next steps

OK, we had a lot of ideas, now we had to value them, think about the business, the technical deployment it would take to make them or the cost to the business. But there was no other way to get ideas than with the support of the teams involved.