Floreal Pecino

Hey! make agile no fragile

I'm a UX Researcher with a creative background with experience in SaaS and App mobile companies. I'm a questioner, passionate about what I do, a professional and curious. I'm a book devourer, listener, an observer. I'm funny and a lover of my work, but the one that is done well, agile that is not fragile and with a purpose: to help people with designs that matter. 

Welcome to my professional life.



UX Researcher lead 2018 - Present

I have the opportunity to work on a very challenging innovation project. We have created a design team and we are working hard to validate ideas and new business models focused on B2B.

  • Validate ideas with qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

  • Launch of strategic research in a B2B sector.

  • Workshops with stakeholders

  • Validate new Canvas Business Models

  • Validation of solutions

  • Generation of MVP prototypes to test in new segments.

  • Qualitative reports to pivot ideas and solutions.

UX researcher lead 2016- 2018

They have given me the opportunity to create my own design team, implement innovation methodologies and conduct research focused on people and business. I like to design for brands such as Securitas Direct, Leroy Merlin, Telepizza or Grupo Mondragón.

  •     Implementation of Discovery phases to be able to develop features and products in an agile environment

  •     Implementation of Design Thinking methodology for the development of innovative products.

  •     Workshops and co-design sessions with stakeholders and users.

  •     Collaboration with Stakeholders and Managers in the achievement of the product strategy.

  •     Prioritization of Road Map based on research with users.

  •     Conducting research with users with Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

  •     Collection and analysis of large volumes of information.

  •     Communication of results with Clients and Stakeholders

  •     Realization of Sketch, Wireframes or prototyping

  •     Collaboration with UI designer, UX Designers and copywriter to face the achievement of final designs.

  •     Follow-up and validation of delivered designs.

  •     Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the user experience after deliverables.

UX researcher 2015-1016 B4work app

Thanks to b4work I had the opportunity to perform innovation tasks of which I am really proud. Among some things to highlight, generation of value proposition, flow improvements in the app, development of new features, architectural improvements and above all, to get the App positioned in the top 10 mobile applications for job search without costs in marketing, only with a design.

  •     Heuristic analysis and implementation of improvements based on UCD principles.

  •     Generation of value proposition and commissioning  

  •     Recruitment of users

  •     Redesign of the screens. Creation of style guide.

  •     Searching for insight through qualitative research

  •     Innovation workshops

  •     Qualitative and quantitative research.

  •     Information architecture design, flows, task flow *.

  •     Test with users

  •     Backlog Prioritization

Creative Thinker 2014- 2015 OMD

In OMD I had the opportunity to collaborate with people from whom I learned a lot. In this media agency I was able to work as a creative for brands such as Levis, Pepsi or Lidl.

  • Development of lateral thinking

  • Creation of BTL / ATL media campaigns

  • Generation of copy for campaigns

  • Conceptualization of campaigns

  • Work insight from briefings


Certified in Design Thinking by the Interaction Design Foundation 2018

Certified in Mobile User Experience (UX) Design by the Interaction Design Foundation 2017

Certified in User Research — Methods and Best Practices by the Interaction Design Foundation 2016

Postgraduate degree Postgraduate degree User experience Designer in UOC (Universidad Abierta de Cataluña) 2015

Postgraduate Course Creativity and New Digital Formats in Complot Creativity School 2013

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Valladolid 2017 - 2012

Some of the tools I use

  • Ahà

  • Confluence

  • Tasty

  • vwo

  • Firebase

  • Paper / Walls / Post its ;-)

  • Gotomeeting

  • Lego

  • Axure

  • Audio Recorder

  • Cam recorder

  • Jira

  • Heap Analytics

  • Adobe suit

  • Invision

  • Handrailux