Floreal Pecino

Design saved my life

Not all the work I do is for reward, nor do we ever have enough time to research, nor do we have the budget. But the most important thing is to be next to the business and be able to tell stories about your work that excites you. Here are some of the stories that I have enjoyed doing.


BMC’s to Validate the winner idea


Conversational forms for Telepizza

I have an idea! OK, the cemetery is full of ideas that nobody wants... this is the story of how to make an idea a viable product.

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Objective! Convert Telepizza the company with the fastest candidate recruitment process…

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Creative Workshops for Talent Clue

Nothing like creativity confidence to understand that the people in your company can make something great…

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New model business b4work

b4work was a job search app more, but with the analysis of the main pain points of the candidates, we realized that we had to offer them something more…

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Growth hack for Growth Users

¡No marketing! was always the claim into de interviews with .

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