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Telepizza and the problem of…

Telepizza had a really slow recruitment system in their stores. A system that we could certainly improve. But they weren't at all aware of what processes they could improve, nor were we when we came to their stores to understand what and how they organized the process. They just wanted a system to pick up resumes at their stores.

Some of the methods / Artefacts we used to understand their problem.

  • Deep Interview with all of those people involved in the recruitment process.

  • "Reframe Problem" workshop with a multidisciplinary team into the company.

  • Synthesize a bunch of information

  • Analysis and creation of a Recruitment Journey to understand the points of contact to improve.

After that, we could recognize the real problem into the Telepizza recruitment process. The method of caption candidate in their stores, one of the better recruitment channels by the way, could improve notably.

  • Ideate workshops with a design team and users to find greats solutions

  • Create a rapid prototyping and guerrilla testing with their candidates

  • Fail and create another great idea with multidisciplinary team ;-)

  • Create a functional prototype to prove in their stores.

Ok, now we determined the analysis of metrics an evaluated the impact of the testing. The most important thing was to measure the new experience into the journey. We created a recruiter bot that could free the store workers themselves from recruiting candidates and most importantly, connected with their own human resources manager to minimize the time of recruiting resumes.

  • We managed to reduce the average time from two days to just 2 minutes.

  • We were able to improve the recruitment of candidates in the store.

  • We were able to increase the number of people registered for your job offers by up to 33%.

  • The conversion of a postulant to a candidate increased by 80%.